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Strangers in a strange place




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The refraining from going out due to the coronavirus has drawn attention to the lives of others, and we have become interested in the rooms of others that we see through our computer screens, what they eat, what they see, and how they live. This activity is similar to the field of folklore. By reading the literature of folklore, we can relive the history of others in the past and present. Looking into the lives of others was synonymous with knowing their history.

And folklore and painting have a lot in common. Folklore and painting have many things in common: they are media that allow us to move back and forth between others and self, past and present, inside and outside. Furthermore, they play a role in asking the question, "Where are you now?

I am drawing from my research on a flower festival in Aichi, the relationship between bears and humans, and a wedding in Kagoshima. The people there are people I have never met and only know through literature and materials. By getting to know the people of unknown places and tracing them in my paintings, I will try to see if it is possible to reconceptualize the present.





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