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支援:広島市 文化芸術の灯を消さないプロジェクト

会期: 2020年9月19日 - 9月27日

時間:13:00 - 19:00

photo : Kensuke Hashimoto

会場 : 広島芸術センター 


広島県広島市中区光南2丁目17−1 小中ビル​

時間:12:00 - 19:00


Hiroshima Art Center is pleased to present "Strangers in a strange place" a solo exhibition by Ryoko Furukawa.

Furukawa is a young artist based in Hiroshima, working mainly in drawing and other painting media. This exhibition consists mainly of works created as a result of Furukawa's own encounters with folklore.

 Furukawa attempts to trace the function of folklore in reaffirming the distance between the self and the other, and by overlapping it with the relationship between the painting and the viewer in the appreciation of painting, he attempts to make the painting have the effect of reaffirming the viewer's presentness. Looking at others is nothing other than looking at oneself, and we look forward to Furukawa's attempt to capture that gaze itself in the form of a painting.

この度、広島芸術センターは、古川諒子 個展「しらない土地のしらない人々」を開催します。



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