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会期 : 2022年2月19日 - 3月6日


photo : Ujin Matsuo



3331 Arts Chiyoda 207号室

ARTDYNE is pleased to announce a two-person exhibition "Between Hitori and Hitori," featuring the works of Ryoko Furukawa and Hibiki Tsuji from February 19 (Sat) to March 6 (Sun), 2022.


Born in 1994, Furukawa works mainly with acrylics on cotton cloth. Her technique of soaking the cotton cloth with paint without applying a primer creates a sense of vertigo in the viewer who stares at the canvas and paint as one. The unique sense of materiality that comes from the blot marks on the surface and the roughness of the paint and cotton cloth quietly suggests some kind of "outside (other)" that does not end with the story only inside the painting. On the other hand, Hibiki Tsuji, born in 1997, creates three-dimensional works as an extension of his paintings by covering a human figure made of stone clay with linen cloth and painting on it. The two artists share a common interest in the relationship between "what is painted" and "what is painted," in other words, the relationship between the "supporter" and the "subject. In this exhibition, Furukawa will be showing a new work.


In this exhibition, Furukawa will show 12 new works and Tsuji will show 7 recent works including drawings. We hope you will take this opportunity to view and appreciate them.




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