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Mr. and Mrs. X, as I knew them, were always calm. At a coffee shop, I heard about the house they live in. They have a sofa, a desk, and a big bathtub, and they usually watch the day's news while eating dinner.

However, I have never been to their house. I don't even know how they spend their time.


One of the X's I know used to be named "y". I don't know which one of them changed their name. I heard that the nameplate on their house will soon be changed from x to another name.


I have yet to establish a relationship with a husband and wife. I have never been in a relationship with a husband and wife, so maybe those two people I talked to were not a husband and wife. But there are traces of their existence.

The Mr. and Mrs. x I knew were always calm, and I don't know if they really existed.








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