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Running  Spy  Apartment block  Ballerina  Angry  Alcove  No memory  Bed  Tea room  Upper middle house  Holding an egg  Lieutenant  Holding a pigeon  Cowboy  Suing  Garden  Piano class  Cowering  Baseball player  Running away at night  Waitress  Crying  Front door


 The cowboy with no memory is in the garden" is a sentence made by connecting three words "garden," "cowboy," and "with no memory," which the creator randomly selected from a piece of paper on which he wrote "where," "who," and "how. I used the passage "The cowboy with no memory is in the garden" as my only clue to expand my ideas and create this work.

 The cowboy with no memory has left the ranch where he was supposed to be, and is now in a well-maintained garden in an unknown country. He himself does not know why he is there. In the same way with the painting, the paint is on the cloth, away from the tube where it should be, and he doesn't know why it is there.

 The disregard for the context before and after turns into an arbitrary story, and the text, which should mean nothing, begins to take on meaning through the work. It is the very nature of painting.


 走る  スパイ  団地  バレリーナ  怒る  床の間  記憶がない  ベッド  茶の間  アッパーミドルの家  卵をもつ  警部補  鳩を抱える  カウボーイ  訴える  庭  ピアノ教室  うずくまる  野球選手  夜逃げする  ウエイトレス  泣く  玄関





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