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Inch by Inch

Inch by Inch

Dates: March 11 (Fri.) - 13 (Sun.), 2022

Hours: 11:00-20:00

Artists: Ryoko Furukawa, Tatsunori Yamaguchi

Venue:Tamenatai Gallery, Tsurumicho Labo

Address: 404, No.2 Misawa Copo, 9-6 Tsurumi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima

Organized by: Tamamentai LLC

Furukawa and Yamaguchi both studied painting at Hiroshima City University and its graduate school, and will complete their master's degree this spring. Through an exhibition of small works and drawings, they will look back on the transition of their six years of study of painting in Hiroshima.

Furukawa creates works that depict signs of existence and anonymous stories with a light touch. In his recent works, he has been developing a series of paintings that he creates using as a clue a text written by a third party that has been cut up and reconstructed.

Yamaguchi continues to work on the "Age of Myth" series, which depicts "what it means to be human" for machines to have intelligence.

The title of the exhibit, "Inch by Inch," is taken from a picture book by Leo Leoni (Japanese title: "Hitoashi Hitoashi" (translated by Shuntaro Tanikawa)). The exhibition traces the process of production activities in Hiroshima, which the two artists, both of whom were never anything at all, have been engaged in, and the footsteps that led them to expand the scope of their activities.

Inch by Inch

会期:2022年3月11(金) – 13日(日)



会場:タメンタイギャラリー 鶴見町ラボ

住所:730-0045 広島市中区鶴見町9-6 第2三沢コーポ404





展示タイトルの “Inch by Inch” は、レオ・レオニの絵本(邦題:「ひとあしひとあし」(谷川俊太郎 訳))から引用したもの。何者でもなかった2人が愚直に積み重ねた広島での制作活動の過程と、活躍の幅を広げていくに至る足跡をたどります。


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