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biscuit gallery first anniversary exhibition


Venue: biscuit gallery (Shibuya)

Dates: March 3 (Thursday) - March 27 (Sunday), 2022

First period: 3/3 - 3/13, Second period: 3/17 - 3/27

We will participate in the second semester. Thank you for your cooperation.

Opened in March 2021, biscuit gallery will celebrate its first anniversary in March 2022.

This exhibition, "grid," will be held as a group exhibition for the first anniversary, featuring approximately 50 artists who have exhibited at biscuit gallery in the past, those who will exhibit in 2022, and artists who are the focus of our attention.

The exhibition will be held from March 3 (Thursday) to March 27 (Sunday), 2022, and will be divided into the first and second halves. The exhibiting artists are scheduled to participate in either the first or second exhibition period.

As the exhibition title "grid" suggests, each artist will display his/her work on one wall and one stand. We hope you will enjoy the works of each of the 50 artists, which will be presented in the space separated by each wall and each display stand.

biscuit gallery first anniversary exhibition


会場:biscuit gallery(渋谷)




2021年3月にオープンしたbiscuit galleryは、来たる2022年3月で開廊1周年を迎えます。

本展「grid」はこれまでbiscuit galleryで展示した作家、2022年に展示する作家、注目の作家を合計約50名迎え、1周年のグループ展として開催いたします。なお、展覧会の会期は前期と後期に分けられ、2022年3月3日(木)〜3月27日(日)の開催。展示作家は前・後期いずれかの会期に参加する予定です。



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