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The comparison between literature and painting has been debated since ancient times, but as an artist, my first proposition is how painting can surpass words.

 The reason why I think literature is superior to painting is that it does not fix the image through iconography. The faces of the characters, the way they stand, and the background in which the story takes place are all done in the reader's imagination. Lessing said, "Once a reader has fallen in love with the hero of a poem, he is so absorbed in his noble nature that he does not think about his physical appearance. As he says, literature does not require a physical form. Therefore, most of the characters in my works do not have a body, and their existence is revealed only by the color of the background. It is as if I have traced the periphery of the figure with a spray, or as if, like a cyanotype, only the area where I have placed the object is not sensitized and remains white with the color of the ground. The figures are painted to prove that what does not exist now used to exist. Invisible Man" may seem invisible and ignored by many people, but I positively acknowledge its existence. In a world where the invisible man can be the protagonist, painting will be on par with literature.




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