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Faceless ghost








When I noticed, there was another person in the house.

When I was 10 years old, people entered from the day I left my door open and went out to play with my friends. When I came home, I realized that the door was left open, so I searched around with my friends in a frightening house, but of course no one was there. But I'm certainly in the closet on the second floor.

Another member of the family of three, a girl of the same age at one time and a man of a strange age at one time. I see it as if I had a leg and no face. I was thinking about how to escape if I encountered a footstep that I couldn't hear or a sign that I couldn't. Some years after I moved from that house, something that I couldn't call him or her disappeared and I no longer remembered.

One day when I didn't remember faceless ghost. I found a picture taken by my grandfather. There is something that made me feel like I was in the house every day. I certainly played with the people in the picture. It made me want to draw something that I can't see anymore.

Many of my drawings have no faces. People who don't know where they are and who do not exist. Lovely and horrible people that I can no longer meet.

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